Public Private Partnership (PPP)

The Government of Arunachal Pradesh, in order to overcome the shortcomings in the health care delivery system in the remote health facilities in the state and to further improve the health facilities, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh implemented Public Private Partnership (PPP) in 2005 in which one Primary Health Centre (PHC)/Community Health Centre (CHC) in the State is managed and operated through a selected Non Government Organization (NGO); and the project is successfully sustaining till date.  The strategic objective of the project is to provide quality clinical and preventive health services to the people residing in the Primary Health Centre area and at the same time effectively implementing National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and other National programs including IEC activities, and promotion of community based disaster preparedness. Under the project, the management of 16 Health Facilities is handed over to  selected 5 Non Government Organization (NGO)  for a period of 1 (one) year and extendable subject to the approval of Government of India.

Sl. No.Name of the NGONo. of Health Facilities managed by the NGO
1Karuna Trust11
2Future Generations Arunachal2
3JAC Prayas1
4N.N. Charitable Society1
5M.M Charitable Trust1

The funds made available per annum, to the Agency for operating and managing the PHC/CHC would be as follows:

 Budget HeadUnit Monthly BudgetAnnual BudgetHead wise annual budget
AMedicines, Healthcare consumables
2Surgical Items1500060000438000
3Laboratory Items & diagnostic kits1350042000
4Hospital Materials & supplies1300036000
BMaintenance, Furniture, equipments
1Repairs & Maintenance of PHC/SCs1500060000120000
2Equipments & Furniture1500060000
CAdministrative Expenses
1Water & Electricity 1200024000
2Talephone, internet, postage1100012000
3Vehicle Repairing1500060000
4Vehicle fuel1500060000302000
5Travelling expenses1300036000
6Transportation cost1250030000
7Outreach Health camp expenses1216726000
8Printing, Stationeries & IEC1250030000
9Staff Training & orientation1200024000
DPersonnel Cost
1Medical Officer239500948000
3Staff Nurse216000384000
4Lab Tech1130001560003720000
5ANM, (3 in SCs, 2 in PHC)8130001248000
6Health Assistant (male)213000312000
8Group D(Including SCs)48000384000

 Budget Summary 
AMedicines & Healthcare consumablesRs. 438000
BMaintenance, FurnitureRs. 120000
CAdministrative ExpensesRs. 302000
D Personal CostRs. 3720000
TOTAL Rs. 4580000

Rupees Forty Five lakhs Eighty Thousand only per health facility per annum. The Agency will contribute 10 percent from its own sources towards the project cost.

Health facilities Managed under PPP:
NGOName of the districtName of the PHC/CHCsSub Centres under the PHC    
Anjaw PHC WalongYasongKibitho
ChanglangPHC KhimiyongYanamJongi Havi
Dibang ValleyPHC EtalinArzooAnelih
Kurung KumeyCHC SangramPagbaLeel0 Point
TawangPHC DungdugarhPhongleng
Papum ParePHC Tarrasso
Karuna Trust Upper SiangPHC JeyingBineSibukPongging
Papum ParePHC MengioKamrungNyopangPilla
TirapPHC WakkaNginuKhanu
East KamengPHC Bameng LadaPaksa campMarjinglaPakke
Lower Dibang ValleyPHC AnpumKebaPaglamBizari
Future Generations, AP East SiangPHC SilleSika-BaminMangnang
West KamengPHC ThrizinoPalizi Subu
J.A.C PRAYAS Lohit PHC Wakro SC Medo
N.N Charitable Society Lower Subansiri PHC DEED Neelam SC DemSC MiyaSC SitoSC Pania
M.M. Charitable Trust Upper Subansiri PHC Siyum Page NallohBogia SiyumEruLaklamJingba rai

This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed between on this______ day  of _________2016 Governor of Arunachal Pradesh (hereinafter referred to as “State Government” represented by the Director of Health Services/Mission Director (NHM), (which expression shall include his successors, assigns and administrators) on the one part and NGO______________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “Agency”) represented Mr./Ms./Dr.___________________________(which expression shall include his / her assigns, successors and administrators) on the other.

Whereas the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, in order to further improve the health services in the State, has decided to continue with the project, which was earlier taken up on pilot basis, wherein few Primary Health Centres (PHC)/ Community Health Centres in the State shall be managed and operated through a selected Non Government Organization (NGO)  for a period of 1 (one) year and extendable subject to the approval of Government of India. Now, therefore, it is agreed by and between the parties as follows:

  1. Number and location of PHCs/CHCs

    The “Agency” shall operate/manage the PHCs/CHCs as per details in Schedule ‘A’ to the MoU and management of Sub Centres under the jurisdiction of the PHC/CHC would also be the responsibility of the Agency. The Government may, in public interest, change the PHC/CHC being run by the Agency provided, however, any such change will be within the same district and with prior consultation with the Agency.

  2. Modalities of Implementation

    2.1.The building and physical infrastructure of the PHC(s) /CHC shall be handed over to the Agency along with the existing equipment, furniture, etc. and an inventory of the same would be made jointly by the State Government and the Agency. The condition of the building/equipment handed over will be duly recorded. The Agency shall maintain the said building/equipment with due care as would be reasonably expected.

The existing records such as medical data / statistics, case records etc available with the PHC/CHC shall also be handed over to the Agency so as to maintain continuity.  The Agency would preserve these records carefully and hand over the same to the State Government at the time of exiting from the project.

2.2.The Agency shall provide all the critical determinants of a facility being a 24 hour functioning Primary Health Centre as per clause 3.3, to the local population residing in the geographical area under the jurisdiction of the said PHC(s) /CHC. The Agency will engage its own Medical/Paramedical/other staff for providing these services and will ensure that these personnel are always available at the pre-decided timings. The said personnel would also reside locally. In case of leave or absence of any personnel, the Agency would be duty bound to provide an alternative so that the PHC/CHC does not, at any point in time, become non functional due to the lack of the required personnel.

2.3. The Agency shall be responsible to provide, interalia, the following services
  1. 24 hours Emergency/Casualty Services,.
  2. 6 days OPD service.
  3. 4 to 6 functional beds.
  4. Ante-natal care and Post natal care.
  5. 24 hrs labour Room and Essential Obstetrics facility both normal and assisted.
  6. Early and safe abortion services (including MVA).
  7. Prevention and management of RTIs/STIs.
  8. Essential New Born Care.
  9. Routine immunization services
  10. Family Planning services.
  11. Adolescence Reproductive and Sexual Health Services
  12. Essential laboratory services.
  13. 24 hrs Ambulance Facility, referral for emergencies.
  14. Essential medicines as per Schedule D to the MoU and the Agency would be encouraged to keep in stock such additional medicines as are found necessary after assessing the field situation.
  15. Participation in and implementation of National and State Programs of Health & Family Welfare including, inter alia, NRHM, RNTCP, NVBDCP, NACP etc.
  16. Outreach camps

2.4.To provide the services as described in Para 3.3 above, the minimum staff deployed would be as under. Any changes in the above pattern would be effected only with the approval of the State Government.
The Agency will engage personnel with requisite qualifications appropriate for the job description. The said qualification would be as per Government norms.

Sl NoCategory of staffNo of posts
1Medical Officer 2
2Pharmacist 1
3Staff Nurse 2
4Lab Tech 1
5ANM **2 (PHC /CHC )
5 (SCs) *
6Health Worker (male)3
7Driver 1
8Group D(Including SCs) 4

* The number of ANMs would be decided on the basis of Sub Centres under the jurisdiction of the PHC/CHC.

** Experienced and adequately trained ANM may be considered.

2.5.   The personnel engaged by the Agency will not be paid at rates exceeding those envisaged in the funding pattern to this MoU and any change in the rates, if necessary, may be effected only with the approval of the State Government.  The personnel should also be suitably trained for the jobs they are expected to perform.  Personnel engaged by the Agency will be the sole responsibility of the Agency and would have no claim at any time whatsoever, by virtue of their contract with the Agency or for any other reason, for being absorbed into Government service at a later date.

2.6.   The existing Sub Centres, under the jurisdiction of the PHCs/CHCs, would  also be similarly run by the said Agency. The services provided by and through the Sub Centres will be as per the GoI guidelines. The Agency shall similarly run any additional Sub-Centres which may be notified by the Government within the geographical jurisdiction of the PHC/CHC.

2.7.   The Agency will provide the Laboratory test facilities at the PHC/CHC level as described in Schedule B to the MoU.

2.8. The Agency will provide all services free of cost. However, if recommended by the PHC/CHC Management Committee and approved by the Government, user charges could be considered. Any such charges collected would be used only for the improvement of the PHC/CHC and for meeting the cost of referral services.

2.9 The Agency shall strive to provide quality services and  keep the PHC/CHC and its immediate environment clean. Agency shall also display a sign board at a prominent place informing about OPD timings, services provided by the PHC /CHC / SC (Citizens charter), and referral facility. A waiting area for patients / relatives, drinking water, toilet facility, suggestion box, clean linen in the ward and such other infrastructure / facilities as would be normally expected would be made available at the PHC/CHC.

  1. Project commencement and duration

The duration of the project will be 1(one) year.  However, in the event the State Government or the Agency desire to terminate the project before the expiry of the said period, a notice period of 3 (three) months will be given to the other Party. The period of one year will be calculated from the date on which, the immediately preceding MoU for the PHC/CHC between the State Government and the Agency expired. The term of the project can be extended further subject to mutual consent for the same between the State Government and the Agency.

  1. Review and monitoring structure

4.1. A PHC/CHC Management Committee which will also function as a Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS) would be constituted for the PHC/CHC.The said committee will include the Agency representatives, District Medical Officer, District RCH Officer, Deputy Commissioner or his nominee (not below the level of SDO), Zilla Parishad Member, two representatives from Anchal Samiti and two each from each Gram Panchayat in the area served by the PHC/CHC. The names of these PRI members will be communicated through the Deputy Commissioner. At least one of the two nominees from the Anchal Samiti and from each Gram Panchayat would be a lady. The local MLA of the area would be a permanent Special Invitee to the PHC/CHC Management Committee. Such other officers, in addition to those already included in the RKS, as required and necessary (for example, Child Development Project Officer, Assistant/ Junior Engineer from Works Department) can also be special invitees to the said Committee.

The PHC/CHC Management Committee / RKS would meet at least once in every two months and will be responsible for guiding/monitoring the project as per guidelines issued by GoI / State Government.  The committee shall address local issues and problems as are normally expected from such a Committee.

4.2.   At the State level, a Steering Committee chaired by the Commissioner & Secretary (Health) along with suitable representation from all stake holders including the Agencies in the 16 districts, State Government Departments and Central Government will be formed.  This State level Steering Committee will meet at least once, every 6(six) months.  It will review the work done at the PHCs/CHC, suggest suitable improvements and midcourse corrections, and resolve the difficulties faced by the Agencies in running of the PHCs/CHC.

  1. Records & Reporting

5.1   The Agency would be expected to maintain records and to furnish reports, in time, as normally expected from any PHC/CHC in the Government system.  The reports will be furnished on monthly basis to the DMO / DRCHO with a copy to MD (NRHM) in the format at Schedule C, Any other reports required by the Government, from time to time, will be intimated to the Agency in writing.

The Agency will maintain register at the PHC/CHC and SC for all activities performed pertaining to Maternal health (ANC, PNC, Delivery, Maternal death), Child Health including Routine Immunization, Family planning, JSY, OPD, IPD, Outreach camps, Medico-legal case, Injections, Stock Register and other registers as specified by the Government from time to time.

5.2.    The Agency shall maintain a record of proceedings of the meetings of the PHC /CHC Management Committee / RKS.The Agency shall also maintain a Visitor Book where authorized Government functionaries can record their views/suggestions after conducting an inspection.

  1. Standards of hygiene and health safety.

6.1.   The Agency shall maintain and run the PHC/CHC in a hygienic manner conforming to the standard norms of health safety.  Auto destructive syringes will be used for immunization and autoclaved glass syringes with disposable needles will be permitted for other injections.   The hospital waste shall be disposed of in conformity with the recognized and acceptable norms as specified by the State Pollution Control Board from time to time.

  1. Purchase of drugs and consumables

The procurement of drugs/consumables from the funds allotted by the Government will be made in a transparent and economical manner.  Only Government approved quality drugs of generic nature will be procured as per the list at Schedule D.  Proprietary/branded drugs may be procured, only in exceptional cases, and with the prior consent of the State Government.  Normally the price of procurement for the Agency for any drug/ consumable by the Agency should not exceed the price at which the same drug is procured by the State Government.  Care shall be taken by the Agency to use the drugs/consumables within the relevant expiry dates.

  1. Diet for inpatients, scale and quality

The diet for inpatients in terms of quality and scale should not be less than the standards set in Government run PHCs/CHC.

  1. Asset Creation

Any assets created at the PHC/CHC from the funds of this project or from funds collected from the community will be the property of the State Government/community and will be handed back to the Government,  after the project duration is over.  Moveable assets created by the Agency from its own funds (that is funds beyond the 10% share to be provided by the Agency) will remain the property of the Agency and can be disposed of by the Agency after the expiry of the Project, as per its own policy.

  1. National and State Programs.

The Agency will be a part of the Health Delivery System of the State.  Accordingly, the various National Disease Control Programs or other State Government programs planned for the PHC/CHC area will be implemented by the Agency in coordination with the existing field staff, if any, specifically appointed by the State Government for implementing such programs. Apart from implementing all National Programs and campaigns (such as Pulse Polio Immunization, Cancer detection, Immunization camps etc) the Agency will also undertake outreach activities by conducting camps, VHND involving ASHA etc.

Any drugs/equipment/vaccine made available by the Central Government under any National Programme for use at PHCs/CHC / SCs will also be provided to the Agency run PHC/CHC / SCs at par with other Government run PHCs/CHC / SCs.

  1. Specialized expensive treatment

Patients requiring expensive and specialized treatment not normally expected at the PHC/CHC level will be referred to the District Hospital/General Hospital.

  1. Medico legal cases and Post mortem examination.

The doctors engaged by the Agency at the PHC/CHC would attend to Medico legal cases and may also be required to conduct Post Mortem examination.

  1. Funding

13.1.   The Agency will receive funds from the Government, towards meeting the cost of Personnel, Drugs (Medicines), Reagents, Surgical Material, Health Care Consumables, Administrative Charges, Civil Works, Furniture, Equipment (including Surgical Equipment), to the extent and as per details at Schedule E to this MoU.

13.2   The Agency would meet from its own sources not less than 10% of the Project cost, as reflected in the Statement of Expenditure and submit Accounts duly certified by a Chartered Accountant.

13.3. The disbursement/release of funds by the State Government to the Agency would be in two installments every year that is by June and November. However in the current financial year, the funds will be released as per mutually agreed schedule after signing of the MoU.

  1. Audit and Accounting

14.1.   Each PHC/CHC (which also includes the Sub Centres under its jurisdiction) shall be treated as an independent and separate entity for accounting purposes. Accordingly, separate Accounts shall be maintained for each PHC/CHC.  A Statement of Expenditure (SOE) and Utilization Certificate (UC) duly certified by a Chartered Accountant will be furnished by the Agency to the State Government on half yearly basis. For the months April-September, the SOE/UC will be given by 31st October and for the months October-March, by 30th of April every year. In addition, annual audit of the PHC/CHC accounts would be undertaken through a qualified Chartered Accountant and the audit report and accounts for the year would be furnished to the Government by 31st May of the succeeding year.

14.2  The State Government reserves its right to get a special audit conducted of the accounts of the PHC/CHC after giving at least 30 days notice to the Agency.

  1. Performance Monitoring and Standards of Service

15.1. The performance of the Agency shall be monitored largely on the basis of output based indicators, a list (not exhaustive) of which is at Schedule F to this MoU. These indicators and performance standards can be suitably expanded and/or modified after mutual consultation and in the interest of better service delivery to the general public.

15.2.   The indicators and standards specified in this MoU for the health delivery expected from the Agency are as per GoI guidelines.  The Agency shall endeavour  to serve as a role model and to provide services at a much higher standard.

  1. Evaluation

The Government would evaluate the success of the project in providing improved health services to the people. Evaluation will also facilitate identification of intervention areas for removal of difficulties. For this purpose, external evaluation can be done after a period of 6 months from  the commencement of the project. Concurrent evaluation would also be permissible after completion of one year of the project life. The Agency will also be encouraged to undertake internal evaluation.

  1. Dispute Resolution and Court jurisdiction

17.1   Any dispute or differences of interpretation between the Government and the Agency vis-à-vis this MoU will be taken up before the Commissioner / Secretary (Health), Government of Arunachal Pradesh for resolution.  In case the resolution is not possible amicably between the parties, this will be taken up before the Chief Secretary, Government of Arunachal Pradesh whose decision shall be final and binding on both the parties.

17.2  In case of any legal dispute arising out of this MoU, the parties shall be under jurisdiction of the courts in Arunachal Pradesh and the laws as applicable in the state.

  1. Extension of the NGOs under the Project

18.1        Extension of the NGOs under the Project PPP shall be subject to recommendation by the concern District Health Societies and on the basis of the Physical and Financial performance which shall be reviewed half yearly by the State Health Society.
18.2 The extension of the Project as whole shall be subject to the approval of the Project by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

  1. Miscellaneous

19.1The Agency shall not indulge in, promote or encourage any religious or political activity and shall be sensitive to the local sensibilities and the tribal culture.

19.2.The Agency will not be permitted to further sub-contract or engage other NGO(s)/ Organization(s) for performing in full or in part any of the activities expected from the Agency as per this MoU.

19.3. The Government reserves their right to give directions to the Agency, in Public interest, regarding the management and operation of the PHC/CHC or for any other matter related to the PHC/CHC.
19.4 The Agency will be duty bound to assist the Government for controlling any epidemic or medical emergency in the area.

  1. Saving

Any changes in any clause(s) of this MoU can be carried out by the Government, in public interest, after due consultation with the Agency. Further, if any aspect of the arrangement between the Government and the Agency as also the obligations of the Government/Agency has been left out in this MoU, the same can be included, in  due course, after mutual discussion between the Government and the Agency.

  1. A G R E E M E N T

This MOU is signed on this ___________ day of ___________ 2015 at __________________India.

Name:                                                                                                  Name:

Designation:                                                                                       Designation:

For and on behalf of the Governor                                                  Company

of Arunachal Pradesh

In witness whereof, the parties hereto have signed this MOU on this ________________ day of _________________, 2015 at ____________________


  1. Name:                                                                                           2.Name

Address                                                                                               Address

Assignment of Health Facilities to NGO
  1. NGO name                 :

Numbers of Health Facilities       :

Sl.No.DISTRICTSelected Health Facility
Lab tests facilities to be provided
  1. Blood routine examination ( Hb%, TLC, DLC, ESR)
  2. Blood grouping and Rh typing.
  3. Blood for MP test, widal test.
  4. Stool routine examination (Physical, chemical and microscopic).
  5. Urine routine examination (Physical, chemical and microscopic).
  6. Urine for pregnancy test.
  7. Sputum for AFB.
  8. Blood sugar.
  9. Blood for VDRL.
  10. Rapid tests for pregnancy
  11. Any other test recommended/in place through other programmes
  1. M&E Monthly report for PHC/CHC/SC: – The NGOs will submit regularly the Monthly M&E Reports in the prescribed formats of the GoI. The reports shall be submitted to the concern District Health Society.
  2. MCTS: – The NGOs will submit the MCTS reports regularly in the prescribed MCTS formats. The reports shall be submitted to the concern District Health Society. Regular tracking of Mother and Child will be ensured with provision of services
  3. Monthly Personnel Availability:- The NGOs will submit monthly attendance sheet of the Personnel available during the month in the Health Facility as per the below mentioned format. This will be submitted to the MD (NRHM).
    CategoryNos. appointedNos of days on duty
    Medical Officer
    Staff Nurse
    Sub Centre I
    Sub Centre II
    Sub Centre III
    Lab Technician
    Health Assistant (HW Male)
    Group D (detail)
  4.  The NGOs will submit any other reports not mentioned above, as and when required by the MD (NRHM)/District Health Society.
    Schedule D
    Purchase of drugs and consumables  
    Essential Drug List / surgical items / Laboratory items for PHC

    Sl NoName of DrugsSl NoName of Drugs
    1Acetylsalicylic acid tab-75 mg, 300 mg93Norfloxacin 400 mg
    2Albendazole tab 400 mg94Nitrofuragene oint
    3Albendazole Suspension95ORS
    4Amoxycillin tab 250mg, 500 mg96Oxygen
    5Amoxycillin Susp97Oxytocin Inj
    6Ampicillin cap 250mg,500 mg98Paracetamol tab 500 mg
    7Ampicillin Powder for susp.99Paracetamol syp
    8Ampicillin Inj100Pantaprazole 40 mg tab
    9Aminophylline Inj101Povidone Iodine Sol & oint
    10Alprazolam tab 0.25 mg102Phenytoin Sodium tabs-100mg
    11Artesunate tab103Promethazine Sodium tab 25 mg
    12Artether inj104Primaquine tab 7.5 mg & 2.5 mg
    13Adrenaline Bitartrate inj105Prednisolone 5 mg tab
    14Aciclovir 200 mg tab106Quinine tab
    15Amlodipin tab 5 mg107Quinine inj
    16Avil inj108Ranitidine tab
    17Atropine sulphate inj109Ranitidine inj
    18Ascorbic acid tab 100mg110Salbutamol tabs-4mg
    19Acriflavin+Glycerin lotion111Silver sulphadiazine oint
    20Atenelol tabs-50mg112Tetracycline hydrochloride eye oint
    21Anti rabies Vaccine (OARB)113 Vit K inj
    22Anti Sanke venom Serum114Vitamine A cap
    23Buscpan inj115Water for inj 5/10ml
    24Betamethosone tab116Xylocaine inj 2 %
    25Betamethasone valerate oint117Xylocaine oint
    26Betamethosone injFluids
    27B complex inj1DNS
    28B complex tab2Dextrose 5%
    29Benzathine penicillin Inj3Ringer Lactate
    30Benzyle Penicillin Inj4Normal saline
    31Bisacodyle tab Surgical items
    32Benzoic acid + Salicylic oint1Glass van Syringes- 2ml/5ml/10ml
    33Benzyle benzoate lotion 25 %2Disposable Needle- 21/22/23/24
    34Bleaching powder3I.V Canula no-18
    35Cetirizine tabs4Ryles Tube- Paed/Adult (No 8,10&16)
    36Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride tab- 250 & 500 mg5Vasofix-20G,22g & 26g
    37Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride eye drops 0.3%6Drip-set- Macro/Micro
    38Ciprofloxacin ear/ eye drops7Surgical Gloves - 6, 6 ½,7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½,
    39Ciprofloxacin syrup8Cotton –500gm
    40Chloramphenicol cap 250 mg, 500 mg9Bandage Roll- Big/Small
    41Chloramphenicol eye drop/oint10Phenyle-4.5 ltrs
    42Chloropheneramine maleate tab 4 mg & inj11Hydrogen Peroxide-100ml/200ml
    43Cotrimoxazole hydrochloride tab(80+400mg)12Surgical Blade- No-11,22 &24
    44Cotrimoxazole syrup13Surgical Spirit-400ml
    45Calsium lactate tab14Suture Thread with gauze
    46Ceftrioxone 250 inj, 500 mg, 1 gm15Adhesive Plaster-small/Big
    47Chloroquine Phosphate tabs 25016Formaldehyde-4.5ltrs/100ml
    48Chloroquine Phosphate syrup17Rubber Sheet-50mts/20mts/10mts
    49Chloroquine inj18Gloves powder
    50Cifotaxim inj 250, 500, 1 gm19Pot.Permanganate—250gms
    51Calcium Gluconate inj 10 ml20Suturing needle- Cutting/Round Body
    52Diazepam tabs-5mg21Gloves Powder
    53Diazepam Injection  Laboratory Items
    54Doxycycline Hydro-tab-100mg1Acetone
    55Digoxin tabs & inj2Ammonium sol.
    56Dicyclomine HCL tab3Acetic acid
    57Dicyclomine Hydrochloride Inj4Ammonium sulph.
    58Dexamethasone sodium phosphate inj5Benedicts sol
    59Diclofinac tab 50 mg6Benzidine sol
    60Diclofenac inj 25mg/5 ml7Benzidine powder
    61Duvadilan tab8Ba-Chloride sol.
    62Etophylline + Theophylline - Inj9Cotton roll
    63Etophylline + Theophylline tab10Distilled water
    64Etamsylate inj11EDTA sol./Crystals
    65Etamsylate oint12Eosinophil diluting fluid
    66Ethambutal hydro 400/800mg tab13Erlichs aldehyde
    67Framycetine Sulphate cream14Fouchest reagent
    68Fortified procaine penicillin inj15Gentian violet
    69Furazoladine tabs16Grams iodine
    70Frusemide inj17Hydrochloric acid N/10
    71Famotidine tab 20 mg18JSB stain-I
    72Gama benzene lotion19JSB stain-II
    73Gentamycin inj20Lugols iodine
    74Gentamycin eye/ ear drops21Lysol
    75Hydrocortisone Succinate inj22Leishman’s stain
    76Hydrogen peroxide23Liquid paraffin
    77Hydralazine tab24Methylene Blue
    78Iron folic acid tab small25Methyl violet
    79Iron folic acid tab big26Nitric acid
    80Iron Sucrose Inj27RBC / WBC diluting fluid
    81Ibuprofen tab 200, 400 mg28Sulphasalicylic acid
    82Metronidazole – Syrup29Sodium chloride
    83Metronidazole tab 400 mg30Surgical spirit
    84Metformine tabs31Sulphuric acid (Conc)
    85Methyl ergometine tab 125 mg32Sulphur powder
    86Methyl ergometine inj33Sodium nitropruside
    87Miconazole Ointment34Sodium metabisulphate
    88Misoprostol tab35Platelet diluting fluid
    89Metchlopromide tabs-10mg36Test tube (Glass)
    90Metchlopromide HCL inj37Micropippetes
    91Metron infusion38Cover slip
    92Multi vitamin cap39Lancet/Needles
    40Filter paper


    Schedule E
    Funding pattern
    The funds made available by the Government, per annum, to the Agency for operating and managing the PHC/CHC would be as follows (subject to change as per the RoP approval)

    Public Private Partnership in Arunachal Pradesh

     Budget HeadUnit Monthly BudgetAnnual BudgetHead wise annual budget
    AMedicines, Healthcare consumables
    2Surgical Items1500060000
    3Laboratory Items & diagnostic kits1350042000
    5Hospital Materials & supplies1300036000
    BMaintenance, Furniture, equipments
    1Repairs & Maintenance of PHC/SCs1500060000120000
    2Equipments & Furniture1500060000
    CAdministrative Expenses
    1Water & Electricity 1200024000302000
    2Talephone, internet, postage1100012000
    3Vehicle Repairing1500060000
    4Vehicle fuel1500060000
    5Travelling expenses1300036000
    6Transportation cost1250030000
    7Outreach Health camp expenses1216726000
    8Printing, Stationeries & IEC1250030000
    9Staff Training & orientation1200024000
    DPersonnel Cost
    1Medical Officer2350008400002892000
    3Staff Nurse212000288000
    4Lab Tech110000120000
    5ANM, (3 in SCs, 2 in PHC)810000960000
    6Health Assistant (male)210000240000
    8Group D(Including SCs)44500216000

    Budget Summary 
    Medicines & Healthcare consumables438000
    Maintenance, Furniture120000
    Administrative Expenses302000
    Personal Cost2892000

    Rupees Thirty Seven lakhs Fifty Thousand only per health facility per annum.
    Note:    The Agency will contribute 10 percent from its own sources towards the project cost.

    Schedule F
    Performance Monitoring and Standards of Service

    Performance Indicators

    Type of ServiceNo. of Days FunctionalAverage Attendance and / or Usage
    1. OPD
    2. IPD
    3. Minor OT
    4. Labour Room
    5. Casualty/Emergency
    6. Ambulance
    7. Injection Room
    8. Clinical Lab – Hb%

    Preventive / Promotive Indicators

    Sl. No.CategorybaselineAfter 6 monthsAfter 1 year
    1Ante Natal Cases registered
    2Institutional Deliveries
    3Post Natal Cases
    4Full Immunization
    5Referral to higher centres
    6IUCDs inserted
    7OCPs distributed
    8Condoms distributed
    9VHNDs held
    10Nos of ASHA meeting/day held
    11Nos of RKS meeting held
    12Citizen's charter in position
    13Monitoring by RKS
    14RKS fund used as per guidelines
    15RCH outreach sessions
    16Other camps organised
    17Number of Patients treated
    18Nos of cases not provided medicine