About the Department

The Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Arunachal Pradesh is the Administrative Department . It is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the functions of the 5 (Five) Directorates:

1- Directorate of Health Services.

2- Directorate of Family Welfare.

3- Directorate of Medical Education(T&R)

4- Directorate of(TRIHMS)

5- Mission Directorate (National Health Mission)

Directorate of Health Services, is responsible for establishment, administration, regulation and monitoring of Medical and Health Institutions along with handling the necessary supporting infrastructure within the state, medical education, food safety and drug control and monitoring and implementation of various programs related to public health and disease control.

Directorate of Health Services, MCH&FW (Maternal and Child Health and Family Welfare) is responsible for monitoring and implementation of the centrally sponsored schemes implemented in the State to cater to the health needs of women and children.

The main responsibilities of DHS are as follows:

  • To maintain minimum standards of services at all the institutions
  • To upgrade the skills of doctors, nursing staff and other cadres from time to time
  • To ensure preventive, promotive and curative services to all peoples
  • To tackle outbreaks or epidemics
  • To undertake construction and maintenance of buildings of the department
  • To oversee postings, transfers, deployments, etc. of staff
  • To procure and maintain logistics (medicines, equipment, etc.), Hospital infrastructure at District Level.


  • The main responsibilities of DHS (MCH&FW) are as follows:
  • To implement, finance and monitor the NRHM programs.
  • To ensure health of mother and child.
  • To ensure access for safe delivery.
  • To ensure access to pre-natal check-ups of pregnant women.
  • To ensure access to vaccination facilities for mother and child.
  • To ensure access to facilities for family planning and population stabilization.
  • To promote nutrition and prevent anaemia in mothers and children up to 5 years.
  • To prevent night blindness in children up to 5 years.
  • To hold out reach camps, health melas, etc.
  • To perform duties of the Chief Registrar of the State for Births and Deaths.
  • To oversee appointments, trainings and performance of ASHAs.
  • To universalize schemes under NRHM like RSBY, JSY, JSSK, VHS & NC, VHND.
  • To oversee performance of Urban Health Centres (UHC).
  • To oversee appointments and performance of doctors under AYUSH program.