Important Health Messages

The government of Arunachal Pradesh has set up certain guidelines for the health and family welfare department. The health and family welfare department of Arunachal Pradesh makes constant effort to formulate schemes to ensure adequate health services to the people and also make improvement in the healthcare of the state particularly in the tribal and backward regions of the state. These schemes of the health department are:

National Health Programme: Under the National Health Programme the government of Arunachal Pradesh works for the following:

  • Revised national tuberculosis control programme
  • National Leprosy elimination programme
  • Iodine deficiency disorder Control Programme
  • National vector borne disease Control Programme
  • National Programme for Control of blindness
  • Integrated disease surveillance programme
  • National mental health programme
  • National programme for prevention and Control of deafness
  • National tobacco Control programme
  • National cancer Control programme
  • National AIDS Control programme

Immunization: Immunization is one of the most cost effective interventions for disease prevention. As per NFHS-3 data full immunization coverage in Arunachal Pradesh was 52%.