The outcome of the health plan is an endeavor to achieve the following goals and indicators

  • Reduce MMR to <100/1 Lac live births.
  • Reduce IMR to 25/1000 live births
  • Reduce TFR to 2.1
  • Prevention and reduction of anaemia in women aged 15-49 years
  • Prevent and reduce mortality & morbidity from communicable & non-communicable, injuries and emerging diseases
  • Reduce out-of-pocket expenditure on total health care expenditure

Goals contd.

  • Reduce annual incidence and mortality from Tuberculosis by half.
  • Reduce prevalence of Leprosy to < 1/10000
  • Annual Malaria Incidence to be < 1/1000
  • Chief Minister Universal Health Insurance Scheme (CMUHIS) to 100% coverage.
  • To provide equitable quality health services to all the rural population & equip Health Institutions as per IPHS Norms.


  • To ensure adequate, qualitative, preventive & curative health care to people of the State.
  • To ensure health care services to all particularly to the disadvantaged groups like scheduled tribes, scheduled castes & back ward classes.
  • To provide affordable quality healthcare to the people of the State, not only through the allopathic systems of medicine but also through the homeopathic & ayurvedic systems.
  • To ensure greater access to primary health care by bringing medical institutions as close to the people as possible or through mobile medical health units, particularly, in the underserved & backward districts.
  • To eliminate diseases like malaria, polio & leprosy etc. from the state & prevent as well as control other communicable diseases
  • To reduce maternal, infant & neo-natal mortality rates
  • To improve hospital services at the primary, secondary & tertiary levels in terms of infrastructure, drugs & personnel
  • To impart training to doctors, nurses & other paramedical staff to upgrade their skills & knowledge to improve quality health care in the state and improve medical education in the State.