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Arunachal Pradesh erstwhile known as North Eastern Frontier Agency (NEFA) is known as “The land of rising sun”. The state is situated as a sentinel in the northeastern part of India, bounded by international boundaries with China in the north, Myanmar in the southeast and Bhutan in the west. The state is situated at latitude of 90.360E to 97.30 E and longitude of 26.420N to 29.300N covering a total land area of 83,743 sq. km. The population of the state is 13,82,611 (Census 2011). Density of population is 17 persons per Sq.Km. Sex ratio of the state is 920 females per 1000 males as per census 2011. Due to its peculiar topography and difficult terrain, there is widely dispersed settlement pattern of the population, rural contributing 77.33% and urban contributing 22.67%. The percentage decadal growth is 26.92%. The total literacy rate of the state is 66.95%. [Source:Census 2011].

Health Facilities in the state:- There are 1 (one) State Hospital at Naharlagun, 1 (One) ISO certified General Hospital at Pasighat, 13 District Hospitals, 54 Community Health Centres, 127 Primary Health Centres and 472 Sub Health Centres, in the state. 14 District Hospitals are fully functional, of which 11 DHs are functioning as FRUs. Out of 54 CHCs in the state, 49 are functional. 97 PHCs are functional out of 127. A total of 286 SCs are functional out of 472.
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2019/02/11Home Based Care for Young Child (HBYC)2019-02-11 07:50:20
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2018/02/02Community Action for Health-User Manual2018-02-02 10:46:41
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2017/02/05Measles Rubella Vacination Campaign2017-02-05 09:13:23
2016/12/02Fire Safety-Clinical establishment2016-12-02 10:50:41
2016/03/10Multi Sectoral Development Programme-Guideline2016-03-10 11:02:42
2015/11/26Final Doc with operational guidelines2015-11-26 11:40:00
2014/12/29National_Guidelines_for_Calcium_Supplementation_During_Pregnancy_and_Lactation2014-12-29 11:46:07
2014/12/29National Guidelines for Screening of Hypothyroidism during Pregnancy2014-12-29 11:04:50
2014/12/29Maternal Near Miss-OperationalGuidelines2014-12-29 11:01:16
2014/12/29National Guidelines for Deworming in Pregnancy2014-12-29 10:21:22
2014/11/29National Guidelines for Diagnosis & Management of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus2014-11-29 11:43:21
2014/09/29Operational Guidelines KMC&Optimal feeding of Low Birth Weight Infants2014-09-29 11:05:51
2014/07/23Guidelines_for_PHC_ASHA_meeting2014-07-23 11:54:39
2014/06/23PHC Assessor Guidebook2014-06-23 11:46:56
2013/08/29Guidelines for Rogi Kalyan Samities in Public Health Facilities2013-08-29 11:41:33
2013/06/26Community Processes Guidelines2013-06-26 10:48:22
2013/06/12Operational Guide Enhancing optimal infant and young child feeding practice2013-06-12 10:32:32
2013/02/15Rastriya Bal Swaasthya karyakaram2013-02-15 10:34:44
2013/01/29Operational guidelines for implementation of Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness2013-01-29 10:39:01
2013/01/15National Iron Plus Initiative Guidelines for Control of IDA2013-01-15 11:36:49
2013/01/10Operational Guidelines for FIMNCI2013-01-10 10:42:09
2012/12/12JSSK2012-12-12 11:00:23
2012/10/29Handbook for RMNCH Counsellors-final-Oct 27, 2012 revised2012-10-29 12:18:06
2012/08/29IPHS Sub Centers2012-08-29 10:59:10
2012/08/29IPHS District Hospital2012-08-29 10:58:04
2012/08/29IPHS community-Health Centres2012-08-29 10:56:25
2012/06/25Spacing in Birth – Final Guidelines2012-06-25 11:06:57
2011/12/22Integrated Management of Neonatal and Child Illness2011-12-22 10:54:39
2011/05/29Operational Gudeline for managment of Severe Acute Malnutrition2011-05-29 11:38:18
2008/11/25Revised Budget Guidelines for Camps in Sterilization Services2008-11-25 10:43:06
2008/11/10Guidelines for administration of Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP) by health care providers2008-11-10 10:45:10
2008/08/29Home Based Newborn Care (HBNC) Operational Guidelines2008-08-29 11:31:44
2008/08/20Guidelines for Accreditation of Training Sites and Trainers for ASHA Training2008-08-20 10:53:49
2008/03/11Standard Operating Procedures for Sterilization Services in Camps2008-03-11 10:44:09
2007/07/15IUCD Reference Manual-Doctors2007-07-15 10:31:43
2007/06/15Guidelines for Setting up Blood Storage Centres2007-06-15 10:40:47
2006/10/10Guidelines for Standard for female & male sterilization services2006-10-10 10:30:08
2006/10/10Quality Assurance Manual for Sterilisation Services2006-10-10 10:28:20
2005/11/29GoI-Measles Outbreak Investigation_field_guide2005-11-29 11:55:51
2005/10/29Contraceptive Updates Facilitator’s Guide2005-10-29 10:37:10
2005/10/14Contraceptive Updates Manual for Doctors2005-10-14 10:35:35